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Contributed by Christine Szalay-Kudra

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The Classic Carvel Hall Steak Knives by Briddell

When looking for the best steak knives, you will want a brand that you can trust, which is what makes Carvel Hall steak knives by Briddell such a good choice. The blade of these steak knives is made from high-carbon stainless steel, which gives durability and strength. The blade has serrated edges so you can cut your steaks really easily. The handles are ergonomic and also made from stainless steel. They are professionally and accurately weighted for optimal control, performance, and balance. These knives come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Carvel Hall is a famous manufacturer of top quality steak knives and these knives have an award-winning design. Made in Maryland, the Carvel Hall steak knives by Briddell look great on your table. Some people prefer a wooden handle on their steak knives but a stainless steel one will last longer.

These knives are guaranteed to last a lifetime if you care for them properly. You can use any silver or stainless steel forks when you use these Carvel Hall steak knives, or buy some matching ones. The design of these Carvel Hall steak knives by Briddell is so classic that you can team them with your existing stainless steel-handled forks and they will look great.

These are the best steak knives to choose if you want something that looks elegant and does a good job. There are lots of different types of steak knives available but if you want the best quality, it is worth choosing the best. Inferior steak knives can break or go rusty within weeks but these are guaranteed for many years. As long as you treat the steak knives properly, and that means washing and drying them by hand and storing them somewhere dry, they should last a lifetime.