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Easy Steak Marinades Make a Truly Mouthwatering Meal

Spice up any cut of meat with a tasty and easy marinade. Soaking your steak in herbs, spices, wine, vinegar and other fresh ingredients allows you to add just the right amount of flavor, tenderize the meat, and bring out the wonderful natural flavors and juices of any cut of beef. A good marinade can also often improve the texture and moistness of the beef without sacrificing any of its own natural flavor.

There are many choices available to you, both wet and dry. Many of the ingredients for a great dry rub, or an incredible marinade you let your beef steak soak in for a few hours or overnight, can be found right in your cupboard or refrigerator without the need for special shopping trips for a hard to find list of ingredients. In fact, some of the best ones use no more than three or four ingredients.

What Makes the Best Marinades?

A great one is going to impart a unique flavor - perhaps one from a foreign cuisine or a smoky barbecue into your oven-roasted or grilled steak. The first thing to do when choosing the best recipe is to determine two things - which type or cut of meat will you be using, and what flavor you want to add to your beef.

Marinades not only add a unique taste but also break down tougher pieces of meat, tenderizing it as well as helping it stay moist throughout the cooking process. This applies whether you want to use the broiler, bake it in the oven or add even more flavor by cooking it on a nice hot grill.

Our Commitment to Only the Finest Marinades

We here take steak very seriously and are true carnivores. In a house of four boys, one man and myself, the lone girl, cooking beef is not only a requirement but also a passion. Nothing is quite the same as steak night around our house and we love using different marinades to bring out the best taste.

That is why we have had our chef develop a winning group of easy recipes which we hope you love as much as we do. We also know that in the fast-paced world of today, time is precious and money can be tight, which is why we have had our writers develop a wonderful series of articles to help you get marinating and cooking your beef right the first time and every time you cook it for your family.

We have carefully compiled a growing collection of tried and tested recipe ideas which you can experiment with today in your kitchen or backyard grilling area, to get winning results each time you cook. We are very proud of these dishes and also the cooking information, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us. Please feel free to bookmark us in your favorite social bookmarking sites so you and your friends can come back often to get the best recipes for your dinner tonight.




Bon Appétit, and thanks for visiting,

Christine and everyone here at Easy Steak Marinades


Featured Recipe:

Tasty Thyme and Garlic Ribeye Steak

This marinade recipe is simple to make and one of our very easiest options. Such recipes do not have to be difficult and you can even get great results from a 3-ingredient one. It is a myth that the best marinades contain a lot of different ingredients because keeping the flavors simple always works best and every flavor you add will shine through, complementing your meat perfectly.

The following recipe is suitable for different cuts of meat and you should choose a tender steak such as tenderloin, strip, T-bone or rib-eye because this marinade is to give flavor rather than tenderize. Two steaks, about an inch and a half thick and weighing one pound each are great for this easy recipe but you could use it on three small steaks or one very big one instead. Of course, you can also double the recipe if you are cooking for more people.

Garlic is a classic flavor, when it comes to marinating, and actually garlic goes with most meat, poultry, and fish dishes. The garlic in the following recipe is combined with thyme for an herby taste, red wine for a bold flavor, olive oil and some salt and pepper. This might sound very basic but you will be amazing just how much flavor it is going to give your meat. For a juicy finish and a simple yet undeniably wonderful result, try this deliciously simple garlic and thyme delicacy.

How to Make an Easy Garlic and Thyme Ribeye

Ingredients -

6 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves
˝ cup red wine
Coarse salt and pepper


Smash and coarsely chop the garlic cloves.

Combine the garlic, oil, red wine, and thyme in a bowl, add the meat and turn to coat.

Cover the dish and refrigerate for 2 to 4 hours, turning the steaks occasionally.

Heat the grill to medium-high and oil the grates lightly.

Remove the meat from the marinade and let the excess drip off.

Discard the marinating liquid.

Season the meat with salt and pepper, then cut each one in half, and grill covered until done.

Allow 12 to 16 minutes for medium rare.

(Serves 4)

Ribeye Steak Marinade Recipe

Photo Description:

A picture of a wonderfully cut ribeye steaks and ingredients to make a fresh easy marinade for them on a cutting board just waiting to be put together; marinated, grilled, and served piping hot and full of delicious flavor for your family dinner tonight. If you are still wondering whether to make this, the photo should make your mind up for you. How can you resist?

How to Marinate Ribeye

A ribeye is one of the classic cuts and it is very juicy and tender, thanks to the marbling throughout the beef. It remains tender throughout cooking because of the marbling.

Ribeye is cut from the roast that is located on the top of the cow's ribs and other names for this cut of meat are Delmonico, beauty, market steak, Spencer or entrecote. This is a boneless cut, because if it has a bone, it is a rib steak, not a ribeye.

Choosing and Preparing It

It is important to choose quite a thick piece of meat when using a marinade and that applies to all our recipes. When marinating, use a steak between one inch and one and a half inches thick.

Before you put together the recipe, you will need to prepare the meat by trimming any excess fat off with a sharp knife. Score shallow crosshatched lines on both sides to allow the marinating liquid to soak through.

Ribeye stays tender right up to medium and is still edible when you cook it to medium-well which is not true of similar cuts. Grilling is the best cooking method for this.

Mouthwatering Ideas for Marinating

This cut of meat is packed with flavor and anything containing red wine vinegar or red wine goes well with it. Garlic, onion, Worcestershire sauce, and other strong flavors go nicely with this tasty cut of steak.

Inside Easy Steak Marinades

The Best Marinade The Best Marinade

A Guide to Making the Best One - If you have never tasted marinated meat before then you are in for a real treat because we have a collection of the very best recipes. Some of them only need to be left on for an hour or so and others can be used overnight for a stronger flavor or to tenderize a particularly tough cut of beef.


International Ones International Ones

International Ideas for Unique Meals - If you love Chinese, Mexican, Italian, or another type of international recipe flavor, why not marinate your meat in one of our international recipes? It will be tenderized and take on your favorite exotic taste. International marinades give a unique and delicious flavor to your beef, and there are plenty to choose from...


Informative Articles Informative Articles

Handy Cooking Articles - Do not worry if you are new to cooking or marinating meat because everyone has to begin somewhere. Our useful and informative articles could be just what you are looking for if you want to learn more about this mouthwatering topic. We will show you how to make the best recipes and we also have ideas for cooking the perfect piece of meat...


Five Very Useful Cooking Tips

When cooked properly, beef melts in the mouth. It is tender, full of flavor, and versatile enough to be cooked in plenty of ways. Perhaps you have already experimented with meat cooking, trying out different marinades, cooking methods, or trying out different cuts of steak.

Here are five useful cooking tips to help ensure your steaks come out beautifully:

1. Choose your meat with care. A steak which has marbling all over is going to come out juicy and flavorful whereas a lean filet mignon or top loin will need to be watched carefully. You can still get it juicy and flavorful, but it can overcook fast if you are not careful.

2. Browning the meat all over kills any bacteria, so do not be concerned about serving a rare piece of beef. Steaks cannot be contaminated with bacteria inside because cattle have thick skin (unlike poultry) so as long as the outside of the meat is browned your meal is safe to enjoy.

3. Use one of our simple marinades to enhance the flavor of your meat rather that to mask it. A recipe for marinating is used to bring out the meat's natural juicy flavor and to tenderize it.

4. If you are grilling, you will need a very hot grill, which will sear the outside of the beef and lock in the juices. Do not cut it open to check doneness because precious juices will escape. You can feel it instead. A rare piece of meat is soft. A medium one is springy. A well done one is firm. If you have a meat thermometer, a medium-rare one will be 145 degrees F.

5. Always let the meat rest for five minutes or more after cooking, to allow the juices to redistribute. This is for optimum tenderness.


Three Reasons to Marinate

There are many different recipes to choose from and these marinades are incredibly popular. You can choose from spicy ones, tangy ones, sweet ones, fruity ones or something else entirely. If you are new to marinating your meat, you will be pleased to know that there are many really simple ideas you can start off with, some of which only contain three or four ingredients.

Here are the best reasons to marinate:

1. A Wonderful Flavor

Marinades add plenty of flavor to the meat and you can customize the flavor you are going for by using different combinations of herbs, spices, fruit juices and much more.

2. Tender, Juicy Steak

The acid in your marinating liquid will chemically alter the fibers, making your beef much more tender. Examples of acids include lemon juice, lime juice, wine, beer, and vinegar. Some foods also contain enzymes, which break down tough muscle fibers in the beef, and some of these foods are fresh ginger, raw onion, green papaya, and pineapple. Fermented products like buttermilk and yogurt contain bacteria to add moisture to the meat and help to tenderize it even more.

3. Vital Health Benefits

When steak is cooked at a high temperature over a flame, cancer-causing agents called HCAs are sometimes produced. Using marinades is thought to discourage HCAs to form on char-grilled meat. Marinating the meat will add plenty of flavor to your steak and most of our recipes are healthier than smothering a plain piece of meat in mayonnaise or a high-sugar sauce afterwards.

Not only does marinating your steak make it tastier and more tender but also you can choose from literally hundreds of different recipe ideas. The best marinade depends on personal taste and which type of meat you want to work with but, by following our recipes, you simply cannot go wrong.

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